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How do we choose to live a healthy and fulfilling life? WELLNESS is more than being free from illness: IT IS A PROCESS OF CHANGE AND GROWTH towards a mentally, physically and environmentally healthy lifestyle. With all the food, media, social temptations these days, it can be a hard but fun and most enlightening journey if you allow it and commit to wellness and prevention!                                                           Ask us by calling 425.741.4444, for your FREE 30-minute Detox Consult today!  It is your time to say....."I should have done this years ago...I feel great!"

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In order to live a higher quality life, maintaining OPTIMAL WELLNESS IS KEY! Everything we feel and do relates to our well-being and directly affects our actions and emotions. In order to subdue stress, reduce illness, and ensure positive moments in your life, you must achieve OPTIMAL WELLNESS!                                      " "Build your work to make great people".

We partner with you to achieve that passion and purpose into your wellness!


 To achieve OPTIMAL WELLNESS, one must apply it towards every possible endeavor. A wellness  day-to-day approach towards your environment, community, career,  

belief systems, physical activities, self care and preservation, healthy eating, self esteem, and creative activities and seasonal cleansing.  Applying wellness in your everyday life by taking care of your "eliminating organs"--Liver- Kidney-Colon--will allow you to achieve Optimal Wellness. Detoxification such as --Liver Cleanse and Colon Cleanse -- Liver Detox & COLONICS--will help clarity of mind and fat breakdown. It can also encouraged Weight Loss as well. FACT: Proper weight loss starts by getting rid of toxins in your body first and last!                                        

Are you ready for Optimal Wellness?

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Consultations -- Nutrition/Detox & Cleanse/ Anti-Aging/ Optimal Wellness  on Tues/Thurs@ 10:00am thru 8:00pm 

Others: Shaklee, Wellness, Site visit, Weekends sessions are subject to Therapist availability.

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