Shaklee 180

Keep 100% the muscles you need!

FACT:  metabolism comes from the muscles!

Shaklee 180 Turnaround Class

Keep 100% the muscles you need!

Fats you don't need!

Improve your Metabolism!

Balance your Blood Sugar!

Powered by LEUCINE-----Learn from many --to lose weight n 90 days, Maintain it in 90 days. Learn how to keep it off AFTER-AFTER-AFTER!!!

Real Testimonials

"I am a Diabetic and  was scheduled to have an medical exam to start me in Insulin. I started taking the Shaklee 180 Smoothee and it helped signifantly in my blood sugar fluctuation, boost my energy and helped in my glucose! Amazing product!"  Dennis/WA 

"I cannot assimilate animal protein due to my IBS from my Fibromyalgia. Shaklee 180 products helps me get energized, maintain my weight and have a great tasting plant based protein and it is delicious!  Susan/CA


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  • How long do we take this product?  Only when you want to feel healthy!
  • How do you lose the weight?  This is powered by LEUCINE (a proprietary formula patent pending by Shaklee.
  • Is the Smoothee safe for overweight children? Absolutely! 
  • Are this good for Seniors ? Absolutely. Great Protein nourishment! More nutritious than Ensure and NO Preservatives/Non-GMO
  • How about Diabetiics? Excellent for Blood Sugar!

**For more of your health FAQ's, please contact us and speak to our Nutritional Consultant!