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SPACE__Energy is produced in the muscle mass and movements is from the Joints!   Are you building healthy tissue and bones? 

Our Modalities in Massage/Cranio-Sacral/Visceral Manipulation/Myo-Fascia Release/MyoKinesthetics/Aromatherapy/Post Surgery/Muscle Energy Techniques(MET), Trigger Point and more customized manual therapies/treatment may be just for you to feel better!

For PAIN & INJURY --we accept AUTO INSURANCE & LABOR AND  INDUSTRY CLAIMS--we would require an Rx from your Medical Provider or your Chiropractor.

It is always and never too late to start! Work it or Lose it..........

MOVEMENT__Maintaining and building healthy tissue and bones are vital to OPTIMUM HEALTH!   We partner with our Clients/Patients through our Nutritional Consult in Practical Nutrition & a Symptom Assessment to identify and focus in building healthy cells, bones and blood. Call for your 45-minute FREE consult today! This  promo won't last! 

It's about time you have a Weight Loss that is the  healthy way!

FACT: Metabolism comes from the Muscle! 


SHAKLEE 180 --90 Days you lose the weight ---90 Days you learn how to keep it off--AFTER-AFTER-AFTER! 

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Optimal Wellness



PREVENTION & WELLNESS -----Here is WHY both go hand –in-hand for you to achieve Optimum Health -------- Are you listening to the “Whispers of the Body?”  We live in a toxic soup world. Poor Diet, Lifestyle, Insufficient Sleep/Rest, Stress, Genetics history, Chronic infection/constipation/bloating, Environmental toxins—all these can affect the digestive/gut system and create “CELL MALFUNCTION”, is a start and cause of a Dis-ease. In the statistics, Leaky Gut Syndrome has been known to threaten or cause death. Gut health is vital --because it is where nutrients are processed and delivered to the blood to feed our cells. THE CELL CAN TELL!  The eliminating organs (Liver-Kidney-Colon) has to function very well to achieve  Gut wellness. The Detoxing and Cleansing process will significantly help this!  Call for your 30-MINUTE FREE GUT HEALTH CONSULT TODAY & BE ON YOUR WAY TO FEEL GREAT!

Empowering YOU though education and knowledge!

FREE Classes In: (Please call us for the time/dates)


  • Detoxification 
  • Facts & Cleanses--methods of Detoxification
  • Fresh Start Program Life-Changing 7-Day Cleanse  (Remove/Restore/Rebuild/Renew)  Blood Sugar Fluctuations--Food Addictions--GUT health and 3-3-3 Principle in Eating!  Most lost 15-20 lbs in the most healthy way!


  • Are you exposing your children to  toxic brew in your home?
  • Get Clean--know what you are up against chemical cleaning at your home--By: Dr Jamie McManus & Sloan Barnett-Environmentalist & Author 


  • Insulin Resistance
  • Glucose Metabolism Disturbances Insulin Resistance, Hypoglycemia & Diabetes
  • Healthy Weight Management
  • SHAKLEE 180 Turnaround weight loss and management --with product demos/tasting. KEEP 100% MUSCLE YOU NEED, LOSE FAT YOU DON'T NEED--powered by LEUCINE!


  • Causes, Prevention and Conservative Treatment
  • Understanding INTERFERON--the VITAL role of Interferon in "Your Immune System"


  • Fibromyalgia Syndrome --chronic muscle connective tissue
  • Endocrine System--Hormones that can Harm or Heal
  • Insomnia
  • Healthy Hearts
  • Men's Health
  • Protein Nutrition "Me First"
  • Women's' Health Issues
  • Nutrition For Seniors
  • Nutrition -Children and Adolescent

Shaklee Education:

  • Why Consider Shaklee--A Professional Health & Wellness Company for Professionals
  • SHAKLEE UNIVERSITY - understand wellness with "The Company with a Conscience" , 'The #1 Nutrition Company in the US" --(DSA)Direct Sales Association
  • Shaklee Opportunity --work at your business and be paid like a CEO with the perks of CARS, TRAVEL, RETIREMENT & FINANCIAL LEGACY that you can pass on to your beneficiaries----if you choose!

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